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About us

Vestoria Handel GmbH is represented at the industrial equipment market as an association of manufacturers and design organizations with many years of productive experience in implementing technical product for companies of mining and metals sector as well as other sectors, the quality of which always corresponds to the level of the set tasks.

Long-term and effective presence of enterprises - members of the Group at the market allowed to assess the potential of each member and consciously resulted in their association.

A distinctive feature of the Group is an integrated approach to work organization, high responsibility and creative approach to solving any tasks. 

Production potential of the Group is unique and represents a full range of services from setting tasks, designing, implementing and commissioning to post-warranty servicing.

The Group of companies has sufficient resources for the implementation of various projects. Vast experience and professionalism of our staff, modern material and technical facilities, established supply of materials and components, inspection of the manufacturing process at each of the stages allow us to solve technical tasks of any complexity arising when manufacturing new equipment for mining and metals sector, as well as objects of its reconstruction or modernization.

For the purpose of further implementation of the proposed competitive product, including the markets of the European Union, in early 2013 it was consistently decided to establish VESTORIA Handel GmbH which united manufacturers of the Group.

The Group of companies delegated VESTORIA Handel GmbH the following powers:

- negotiating on behalf of the Group;

- concluding and performing contracts on behalf of the Group;

- providing contract engineering support;

- ensuring responsibility for compliance with the warranty obligations in accordance with contract terms;

- providing maintenance service.