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Range of products

  • Casting-ladle transfercars,  slag-ladle transfercars,  hot-metal transfercars with lifting capacity up to 520 tons;
  • Ore  transfercar trolleys;
  • Return refrigeration drum for sintering plant;
  • Transfercar trolleys for side arm charger;
  • Intermediate ladles for steel continuous casting machines;
  • Drive systems for rolling  mills;
  • Manipulator arms for  mills (tooth-type solid-forged bars with length up to 6000 mm);
  • Pallet and calcining cars  for sintering plant;
  • Crane drums (including leading) with diameter from 500 mm to 2850 mm
  • Chevron rolls (bottom and open),  gear shaft max ø1250 mm, length - 4000 mm;
  • Chevron  tooth-wheels,  tooth wheel rims (mountable and dismountable) max ø4000 mm, max m = 32 (50);
  • Crane wheels øø400 ÷ 1200 mm, wheel sets;
  • Support brackets, suspension rods, grippers.
  • Gears with cylindrical and bevel gearing, planetary and spare parts with weight up to 25 tons and more.