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Universal ball and roller spindles for mill roller drives and other technological equipment for industrial enterprises

Universal ball and roller spindles of UShSh and URSh modifications are designed for operation under a wide range of loads and speeds in drives:

  • wire mills 250 and small-section mills;
  • medium-section mills 350 and skelp mills 300;
  • ground-cover and crab cranes;
  • feed rolls in main drives of continuous mills 500;
  • in drives of rotor complexes of mining equipment.

The service life of universal ball and roller spindles at such enterprises ranges from 10 to 12 years.

The information on key indicators of purpose and design features of a universal ball spindle of UShSh -1 modification is represented below as an example.

Rolling mill

250-:-280 300-:-350 400-:-450 500

Diameter of ball joint, mm

200 -:-235

285 -:-330



Max, torque moment, kNm.





Max spindle rotational speed, r/min.









Transmitted torque , tf··m



The design of the ball spindle with UShSh-1 ball joint

for intermediate stands of wire mills 250


1 - spline shaft; 2 - bracket; 3 - ball; 4 – spindle shaft with heads; 5 - bracket; 6 - half coupling; 7 - ball; 8 - push-type lubricating fitting; 9 – tightening.


In ball joints of universal spindles standard solids of revolution in the form of ball- and barrel-type rollers, used for rolling element bearings, are applied. Therefore, the advantage of roller and ball joints of UShSh and URSh modifications is that their leading and trailing parts are firmly centered with respect to one another which in its tern eliminates outrun of universal spindles and increases durability of bearing joints at working and pinion mill shafts up to 2 -: -3 times. At that, ball and roller ball joints reduce irregularity in speed rotation of driving and driven shafts to the minimum value, they have low friction compared with ball joints at rolling element bearings and friction type bearings.

When operating with universal ball and roller spindles in drives of finishing mill stands 350, shaping and intermediate continuous mill stands 250, the service life of ball joints till repair ranges from 5 to 10 years, for a number of mills it is even greater. Ball and roller ball joints in universal spindles unlike ball joints at rolling element bearings and friction type bearings with bronze liners, keep the lubricant better, thereby significantly reducing its consumption decreasing at 1-:- 2 times the number of lubrication points at a universal spindle.

Application of universal ball roller spindles significantly reduces vibration loads to equipment drives and working rolls, which ultimately enhances the accuracy of millwork of the produced by the rolling mills profiles.

Load characteristic of UShSh universal ball spindles when using them at wire, small-section, skelp and other mills is not lower the one of ball joints at rolling element bearings and friction type bearings. URSh universal roller spindles have increased load capacity exceeding the one of the compared with them ball joints at 3 times.

Universal ball and roller spindles of UShSh and URSh modifications can operate in a wide range of loads and rotation speeds in drives of all of the above-mentioned mills and other technological equipment. Their application in drives of technological equipment can significantly improve the durability of bearing supports of working stands and reduce the cost of their maintenance and repair.